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Stations van de Valleilijn en de haltes van de Utrechtse sneltram Thales Hetzelfde type als de NS gebruikt, maar met andere schermteksten.Mogelijkheden bewerken AHM AVM Light AVM TVM (NS) TVM (Arriva) VOA (GVB) TVM (U-OV) AVM (NS) Actuele saldo controleren..
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Niet, persoonlijke voorkeuren onthouden, boblijn kapsel halflang persoonlijke aanbiedingen, social Media mogelijkheden.Ze zijn bedoeld om bijvoorbeeld je interesses te delen via social media en afbeeldingen uit onze collectie te tonen die bij je passen.Mijn persoonlijke voorkeuren onthouden, collectie en aanbiedingen..
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Traduire gift voucher

Sb's/sth's calling card, the calling card of sb/sth figurative (identifying mark, sign) ( pittige kapsels halflang haar figuré ) la signature de qqn, la marque de fabrique de qqn Serena dresses flamboyantly; brightly-colored clothing is her calling card.
Some factories still have their employees use punch cards to clock in and out.
Identification card (ID card) carte d'identité carte d'identification identity card (personal document) carte d'identité The British government is planning to introduce identity cards for all citizens.
Traductions supplémentaires card (postal card) carte (postale) card figurative (stratagem) ( figuré ) carte atout card (sporting events schedule) tableau calendrier card (business card) carte (de visite) The stranger introduced himself.Le gouvernement britannique prévoit d'introduire des cartes d'identité pour tous ses citoyens.Card (playing cards) carte (à jouer pick a card, any card.Choose from hundreds of great days out and things to do in the Lee Valley.Il connait plein de tours de cartes.Défenseur d'une cause cash card (credit, debit or bank card) carte de crédit, carte bancaire ( France ) carte bleue She paid for her new dress by cash card.Book your taster session now or buy a gift voucher - perfect for cycling enthusiasts.Card game (activity using playing cards) jeu de cartes card holder (official member of an organization) membre actif, membre active nm, nf adhérent, adhérente nm, nf I'm sorry, sir, I can't let you in unless you're a card holder.Rate card (list showing rates) grille tarifaire, fiche tarifaire red card (soccer: shown when player is sent off) ( Football ) carton rouge reply card (card included in promotional material for response) coupon réponse I never mail back those reply cards that come in magazines.
Post card, postcard (souvenir greetings card) carte postale Don't forget to send me a postcard.
Je suis un membre actif du club de jardinage.
Bates and handed me his card.
Gift card (card accompanying gift) carte Il n'a pas lu la carte qui accompagnait le cadeau.
Where to stay at Lee Valley.
Experience the track, road circuit, mountain bike trails or BMX track.Membership card (card proving one is registered) carte de membre When I go to the gym I have to scan my membership card.Drawing card figurative (sth that attracts patrons) produit d'appel expansion card (computer: expands capabilities) ( Informatique ) carte d'extension expense card (company credit card) carte de société Miss Higginbottam was fired because she used the company expense card for personal expenses.Donor card (gives permission for use of organs) carte de donneur d'organes If you want to donate your organs after death, then you should carry a donor card so that medical staff will know what your wishes are.Even though it's a small shop, they accept cards.Start your adventure now with attractions to visit, events and places to stay across London, Essex and Hertfordshire.Le roi, la dame et le valet sont des figures.Calling card, UK: visiting card dated (personal card left after visit) carte, carte de visite ( vieilli ) bristol Lady Sylvia was not at her house when Mary went to visit, so Mary left her calling card.Ta carte syndicale atteste de ton appartenance au syndicat.He used flash cards to study his vocabulary words.Ceux qui enseignent les langues utilisent généralement le mot anglais "flashcard".Card index (card catalog) fichier card reader (credit card magnetic stripe sensor) lecteur de cartes card sharp informal (swindler) ( cartes ) tricheur, tricheuse nm, nf ( jeux ) escroc My friend lost all his money in a poker game with a card sharp.Bien que Mona ait trente ans, on lui demande quasiment tout le temps ses papiers quand elle achète de l'alcool.This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence.

Enjoy a day at Lee Valley Park Farms!
Boarding pass, boarding card (passenger ticket) carte d'embarquement All passengers must present their boarding passes before entering the airplane.
Valentine card, Valentine's card (card given on 14th February) carte de Saint-Valentin, carte de la Saint-Valentin, carte pour la Saint-Valentin Visa, Visa card (credit card) ( carte de crédit, ) Visa, carte Visa Rachel paid for the flowers by Visa.


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